How do I find ReadyBoost devices this holiday season?

This holiday season we have the “Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost” program.  Devices that are ReadyBoost capable may be labeled as “Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost” on their packaging and in their marketing.  These devices must meet these criteria:

  • At least 500MB available for ReadyBoost™ cache
  • 5 MB/sec throughput for random 4k reads across the entire device
  • 3 MB/sec throughput for sequential 512k writes across the entire device

We’ve provided exact terms and self-testing tools for UFD makers on our partner website.  (  FYI, if you have a PassPort Id, you can get to the link.

Beginning with the June 2007 logo program, being ReadyBoost capable will be a requirement for a flash drive to receive a premium logo.  Note that it’s not a ReadyBoost specific logo program, but rather part of the larger HW logo program.  (We’re trying to avoid a proliferation of logo programs…)

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