Get a Motorola Q for $99

The phone I use, the Motorola Q is now on promotion for $99 USD.  See for the promotion details. 

It's a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone so it's designed to be used with one hand.  If you want speed today, the Verizon and Sprint networks offer EVDO and you can use the new high tech cell phones as a connection to the Internet for your laptop.

Cingular and T-Mobile are still fighting a good battle.  Cingular purchased spectrum and is rolling out UTMS. 

T-Mobile is getting ready to start selling the T-Mobile Dash.  The Dash is pictured at left and is made by HTC.  Looks like a hot little unit for you GSM fanboys. It's supposed to be the Q killer but I have my doubts. 

Where's the Dash speed?  The Dash has WiFi so I guess they are counting on people using hotspot locations.  No thanks.  I'd rather have a connection wherever I happen to be.

Anyway, as you can see, things are certainly heating up for the holidays.

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