Well that was fun – IE 7 installation results

One of my older laptops (Compaq Evo n620c) is still running Windows XP Pro.  It will get upgraded to some form of Windows Vista when we RTM that product.  In the meantime, like many of you, I installed IE7 on it and have enjoyed tabbage (not to be confused with cabbage) ever since. 

As you can see by the massive number of posts on this site, we shipped IE 7 and it is visible on the update.microsoft.com servers.  So I fired up the trusty old steed (first time in a couple of weeks) and headed directly to the update site.  I did my usual custom install to see what was available.  Holy smokes batman!!!  There were like 17 updates totally 54meg!!!  Ok, I lied, I wasn't at all excited about the size.  Remember the 56k modem days and how long that would take?  Fibre has made me a spoiled brat.

So I hit the install button and head to the shower expecting everything to be done when I get back.  No such luck.  What's with my karma these days?  Geez, I bought my mother-in-law a dual core computer for heavens sake.  Can a guy get a break?  Guess I need to go to our internal giving campaign site and cough it up.

In short, I hit every known issue it seems in the release notes at http://msdn.microsoft.com/ie/releasenotes/default.aspx.  Actually, every known issue is probably a stretch.  I did however have to do the registry key add for the DWORD InstalledByUser.  After I added the key, I was able to uninstall the old version and install the gold bits.

Back to tabbage...  🙂

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  1. susan says:

    I have a question about IE7.  I loaded it yesterfay and now I am having trouble with some pages I frequently ALOT.  I play games on POGO and when u go in a game room and then to a table I have a tab at the top like an address bar that is new and I have a status bar at the bottom that covers the bottom of the screen making it almost impossible to chat at the table I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.  Can I turn these features off.  Thank you in advance for any help you may can five me. u may also email if u want at susan.reed@valornet.com

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Have you tried F11 for full screen mode?  Also, if you go to the Tools menu item, you’ll see a toolbars menue item below that where you can turn off the status bar and such.  Try that, too.

  3. sue hunt says:

    Hi Keith

    I have a problem and can find nowhere to get support.  So I’m trying the blog, now.  Maybe you can help… or advise me who to ask.

    I have Window XP Home, and still live in the past with a 56K (and I’m not a bit spoiled).  I am semi-puter-illiterate… i.e. old lady with no formal training.  It has an AMD Duron processor, 799 MHz and 224 MB of RAM.

    Everything worked fine until I downloaded IE7… I get automatic windows updates thru MSN.  The biggest and most annoying problem is that my Windows Live Messenger quit working.  I use it a lot… it’s my lifeline to my kids all over the country.

    I tried re-loading Windows Live but that didn’t help.  When someone finally tried to type to me on Windows Live, I got a pop-up window that said I needed to upgrade my Flash.  I upgraded to Flash 9 and now and I can communicate… But… I cannot use all the features on Windows Live, I still cannot access my email through Messenger on the Messenger window or on the pop-up email alert, nor can I go to any other websites through Messenger.  This is what happens when I try:  

    A message box pops up that says, "Windows cannot find ‘[null]’.  Make sure you typed the name correctly… etc. "

    When I click the OK button on the message box,  the last version I had of Internet Explorer’s window appears with the address bars at the top(the IE window I had before IE7)… but the window is blank and cannot be used.  When I tried to use it… like clicking on Home page… I would get the same ‘[null]’ message box.

    It was very convenient for me to use Live Messanger and I cannot find an answer to why it is conflicting with IE7.  I have searched for help on Windows Updates and on Windows Live Messenger.  I was directed toward community support such as yours.

    Have you got a clue?  I would appreciate any help or guidance.  Thanks, Sue Hunt

  4. Keith Combs says:


    I think you need to have someone from our support organization help you with this one.  Contact me via email (http://blogs.technet.com/keithcombs/contact.aspx) and I’ll get you over to the support queue.



  5. Debra says:

    I had to restore my system to get rid of IE 7.  When I installed IE7 I lost my internet connections.  I use Verizon DSL.  Now I am leary of downloading IE7 again.  How do I install IE7 without loosing my internet connection.  IE7 would not connect to the internet, ergo, I had not email either.

  6. Keith Combs says:

    Debra, your questions and issues will probably be best served on the IE blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/.

  7. skip4 says:

    I like the tabbing capabilities of IE7, but I don’t like the placement of buttons.  They are scattered all over the top.  Some buttons are at the left (Favorites/hisory, back/forward), some are at the right (Home, Refresh, all the others).  Is there a way to place certain buttons on the left so they are all a grouped closer to each other?  If not, is there a way to make it look like IE6?

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