Seen the Windows Vista Tips and Tricks website?

Hopefully the trickery will be kept to a minimum, but with the All Hallows Eve rapidly approaching, you never know.  Anyway, the site just launched so head on over to when you get a moment and check it out.  Hopefully it will become one of those little jewels that is deserving of a spot in the favorites you keep.

Now what's with the .pdf format document?  I thought Microsoft Word was the intergalactic format these days.

Comments (4)

  1. Nathan Weinberg says:

    Are you sure this is a Microsoft site?  The whois points elsewhere, and the only thing that says it is affiliated with Microsoft is a little text at the bottom, which seems suspicious.

    Plus, the PDF format usage just makes zero sense.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I am checking.  I believe the site was registered by one of our agencies.  I’ll find out probably today or tomorrow.  I also asked about the PDF usage.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    By the way, I did indeed confirm this site was developed for Microsoft by another company.  I wish they would have registered the domain in our name.

    Regarding the .pdf format, considering you’ll have the ability to save as PDF in some versions of our products, and the fact that Acrobat has been a popular format since 1993, I guess we can’t whine too much.  :?)

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