So what’s going on?

As you might have noticed, I've been ignoring my blog just a hair the past couple of weeks.  Well, there's a good reason for it.  First and foremost, there's this thing called Windows Vista that we are getting ready to launch.  Many Microsoft employees are deeply involved in launch planning and my team is no exception.  We'll be heavily involved in the key launch city events as well as the "non-key" cities.

Trust me, nobody on my team considers a non-key city to be a lessor event and we are making sure the event experience is top notch.  We just use that type of nomenclature to separate tiers.  To go over this planning, my whole team met last week on the west coast.  The Microsoft Across America Event Services Group (MSAM ESG) has done a great job of thinking through the event experience from A to Z.  We have some kewl stuff we'll have at those events I cannot disclose. 

As a member of the TechNet team, my focus is to make sure the IT Pro information we deliver will be awesome.  Harold Wong is leading our content planning effort and he is assisted by Matt Hester, John Baker, Blain Barton and a number of other stakeholders.  As with most TechNet projects, I have my fingers in that effort as well.

Now that I am through the seven webcasts I've delivered in that past couple of weeks, I have some breathing room to do some more kewl screencasts.  They are coming soon.  I'll be doing some more Windows Vista stuff, Exchange Server 2007 and Office 2007.  You'll also see my focus shift over to our "Longhorn" server development effort.

I also have a bunch of question and answer sessions to comb through from those webcasts so I'll start researching the tougher questions that came up.

Oh, and IE7 is now gold.  As if you didn't know already.  🙂

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