What 64bit machine should I get?

I need to purchase or lease some 64bit laptops very soon.  I'd love to hear your opinions on what to get.  They will be used initially for virtualization, high performance and compute cluster testing.  However, I'd like to leverage the knowledge around the machines for the next platform refresh for my team.  With that in mind, I'd like to know if you encountered driver and application issues running IE, Office, Virtual Server, etc.

So what would you buy and recommend?

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  1. David Ziembicki says:

    I’ve got the Dell D820. I got it a few months ago so it’s not 64bit (supposedly upgradeable to the 64bit Merom processor). Another Microsoft colleague has the D820 with the 64bit Merom and 4GB of RAM. That machine screams and runs Vista x64 with no issues. The other reason I like the D820 is the screen, it has a great screen with max res of 1920×1200.

  2. Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen says:

    I have a Dell Lattitude D820 and it’s a rock solid machine (Even though it hasn’t been upgraded to 64 Bit). I also have a Acer Ferrari and I would recommend you NOT to buy that. The Acer is fast but it’s noisy and it has been sent in for repairs four times in 6 months (Motherboard, Screen, Mouse and DVD drive).

  3. castrunk says:

    We have 2000 HP Compaq nx6125 notebooks (with AMD Turion64 processors) running about and things are going well. Windows Vista RC1 is rockin’ to the point where you’d swear it was RTM! My only complaint with them is battery life – it’s a bit less than with an Intel chip.

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