Windows Vista Post RC1 build now available

If you are living on the edge and are already done testing the RC1 5600 build, head on over to and see about the latest published 5728 build.

Please heed the following advice from the site:

"This build (5728) has a number of improvements and updates from RC1, but has not been put through the same internal testing process as RC1 and therefore may be unstable in certain installations. We are making this release available for a limited time only (and only by download) in order to get broad distribution and testing in a variety of PC configurations. Please note: This build may not have the same level of support or servicing via Windows Update, and you may not be able to upgrade to the final version of Windows Vista."

Comments (3)

  1. Ross'RosCo'Chronister says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the new build, Keith. I shall take her for a test spin sometime this week. Will the new theme music/sounds ship with the official release or is there a planned preview coming up? Thanks for all your help.

    All The Best,


    Quality Computer Resources

    Hartshorne, OK

  2. adam says:

    Do you know what exactly was updated? I just did the RC1 install last night and i’m loving it but i’m a little scared of it going down in flames…

  3. Keith Combs says:

    No, I’m sorry.  There is obviously a list of fixes that are checked into each build, but I have no idea (since I didn’t look) what they checked into 5728.  If you have RC1 installed, stick with it.  Please submit any bugs you encounter.  Thanks.

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