Silence is Golden?

Everyone loves the Windows Vista startup sound, right?  Well, if you are in the hate camp, the latest builds now allow you to turn off the startup sound that occured during boot but before login.  I'm still hopeful we'll make is slightly more configurable before we ship Windows Vista. 

For instance, in the current builds it's either on or off.  I would much prefer to set my own audio sound.  I think the idea of the sound has merit, especially if it indicates all services are up and running properly.

Initially I was TOTALLY against it, but as a diagnostic tool I like the idea.  Hit the power button and do something else.  If sound is good, do normal stuff.  If sound is bad, investigate event logs.  You get the idea.

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Comments (1)

  1. castrunk says:

    There’s a sound?  I guess I haven’t paid that much attention.

    I definitely like the idea as a diagnotics tool.  After so many years using computers, I subconsciously listen for post codes, so a higher-layer sound coming from Windows is a good idea.

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