Windows Vista Security Guide coming – download and webcast information

The Vista Security Guide will be released to Beta on September 6th exclusively through Microsoft Connect. It will be available to anyone who signs in with a Windows Live ID (formerly Passport) account at this URL: Beta period will extend for three weeks, during which we’ll be accepting and triaging bugs and comments.

UPDATE: It's now 9/6/2006 and the invitation link and guide above are active.  I just downloaded the guide.

Here's a direct quote from the product group:

"To support this Beta release, the development and program management teams will deliver a LiveMeeting on Wednesday September 6th. Details are below. We want to welcome as many customers into the Beta as possible to gather the most feedback and ensure that we ship a customer-driven solution. With that in mind, feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might benefit from attending the session. We’ll be describing the guide, how we developed it, the best way to use it, and one really cool new tool that can save lots of time in the test and deployment phases. We will also take questions at the end of the presentation, so this is a great opportunity for customers to directly interact with the security guide team."

Here's the webcast information:

Topic: Windows Vista Security Guide

Abstract: The Vista Security Guide in now in Beta! This session reviews the structure of the guide, discusses some of the old and new approaches for deploying security configuration, and demonstrates how the guide leverages some of the new security technologies built into Windows Vista.

Presenter: Kelly Hengesteg, Mike Danseglio, Jose Maldonado

Date and Time: September 6, 2006, 8 am – 10 am PT

To join this Live Meeting up to a half hour before the session starts,  click


Installing Live Meeting

Install the Windows-based Meeting Console before your meeting:  You can also use the browser web console if desired. 


Live Meetings are broadcast using Internet audio over your computer. Please ensure that you have Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    On September 6th the Windows Vista Security guide will be released for "beta"…. and in the

  2. Ross'RosCo'Chronister says:

    Saw you in Tulsa Aug. 29, great presentation. The Security Guide link does not seem to be working, I’ll try again later. I got ahold of the pre-RC-1 that you had on your laptop in Tulsa, I like very much. My machine is an AMD 4800+ w/ 2gig RAM, SATA, and an older 6600 nVidia PCI-X. The program compatibility wizard is very cool, SDK has crashed a few times on me, but I am learning so it may be me. All in all Vista rocks, keep up the good work.


    Quality Computer Resources

    Hartshorne, OK

  3. Keith Combs says:

    The guide is currently on the staging servers but that is on our internal network.  Everything will get promoted to the external public servers tomorrow.

    Glad you enjoyed the show in Tulsa.  I was definitely on my A game and had a blast, too.  I enjoy coming to Oklahoma.  See yall again soon!!!

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