ReadyBoost, ReadyDrive and SuperFetch podcast

The Cast

One of my colleagues, Michael J Murphy, recently interviewed some of the Windows Vista performance gurus, Matt Ayers and Alex Kirshenbaum. 

Matt Ayers is a Program Manager on the Windows Client Performance Team working on features that help make Windows Vista a faster product including everything from SuperFetch to new technologies and innovations on the performance side of Windows Vista.  Alex Kirshenbaum is a Software Design Engineer on the ReadyBoost Team which uses Flash drives to improve system performance in Windows Vista.

The Podcast

This interview was recorded an posted to the TechNet Radio website area at  You can subscribe to the RSS feed there.  I downloaded the WMA file and re-purposed it here in case you have a podcatcher.

Cheaters can right mouse click the attachment link below and pull the file down for offline use. 

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