How much longer will my PSP last?

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is one of the best video players on the market.  However it lacks one key component, a hard disk.  I guess Sony thought the UMD optical drive would be sufficient, but they were wrong. 

Now the market is finally catching up.  Each week a number of new portable video players are announced.  It appears Santa Claus is going to have a big bag of gadgets to distribute this Christmas.  I wonder if Santa will have a Zune video player this fall…

Since I already have a 2gb, a couple of 1gb, and a 512mb Memory stick for my PSP, I’m not rushing out to replace it.  I usually travel with 5–7 movies loaded across my sticks. It sure would be nice to have a 30–40gb hard drive but then I’d have to figure out which 50 movies I want to take.

By the way, the Core Duo T2500 chipset in my laptop has cut the conversion times down pretty significantly when compared to my Pentium 4 2.66 based MCE 2005 machine.

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  1. Tim Barrett says:

    Keith, out of curosity, what are you using to rip the movies to the PSP?  PSP Movie Creator?

    I’ve been using Pocket DVD Studio to rip DVDs to a 4GB SD card for my iPaq and I’ve been pretty happy with it.   But the PSP definitely has a better screen.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I use a two phase process.  In phase one, I use DVD Decrypter.  In phase two, I use PSP Video 9.

    I would love to be able to use a product that does everything in a single pass.  Is anyone using one that works?

    I want control over the video quality and therefore the resulting file size.  I also want to crop pixels so I can remove black bars.  PSP Video 9 does a nice job on both of those requirements.  And it’s free.  đź™‚

  3. Ken Knowles says:

    I use my Dell axim to watch movies, gps, not particulary good for games, however I can get about 12 hours of battery life out of two small batteries and CF/SD are very cheap now which allow me to take several movies on a trip and find my way around when I arive at my destination. Also sometimes useful at airports that have wifi.

  4. Ken Knowles says:

    I forgot to mention I use DVD to Pocket PC which allows me to rip a dvd straight to a single file or compress avi files recorded from my TV card at home

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