Windows Vista Deployment – Imaging

I wanted to thank everyone who attended my webcast last week on Windows Vista Deployment (imaging).  As you know, the content I received from our corporate group had some defects so I spent the time to create an environment that would hit the main points and then some.  From the feedback I received, it appears I hit the mark.  You can view the on-demand version at  I did some testing during that webcast of streaming performance and I’ll be dialing things back a tad next time to improve the screen writes.

However, I am unsatisfied.  Sixty minutes on that topic doesn’t do it justice.  In fact, there are some key aspects of the imaging process we still did not cover.  I promised the live audience I would do a comprehensive blog post to fill in ALL of the details and I will.  But, I wanted to give you an idea of the schedule I have for the next few weeks to set some expectations.

First of all, in a few hours I’ll be flying to Seattle for the yearly pilgrimage to the motherland.  It’s a training event we call TechReady. Normally I go there in January but we decided to go in the summer because we want to see the latest and greatest on Windows Vista, Office 2007, Office Servers, Groove, Exchange Server 2007, Longhorn server, etc.

Second, after I get back I’ll be wrapping up the final training associated with our next round of seminars.  We start those seminars on 8/8.  You can sign-up for the US TechNet Events at  We’ll be discussing Windows Vista, Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2003.  The content is looking great so come on out.  You’ll be able to see each of the twelve Windows Vista demos here by 8/9 so that should keep you occupied.  Actually, I’ll probably throw back in the 2–3 demos I cut. 

I’ll be in New York on 8/10 to watch Michael J Murphy strut his stuff with our new content.  He might share the stage, but if not I’ll be working the audience.  I love going to New York.  I haven’t seen a show there in a couple of years so I’ll probably see one that evening. 

Next, I head south to Florida and visit top presenter and wild man, Blain Barton.  Blain, get the boat gased up.  I’m going to watch Blain amaze the crowd in Tampa on 8/15.

I get a break the week of 8/21 before I finish the month in Oklahoma delivering my own events in Tulsa on 8/29 and Oklahoma City on 8/31.

After I get done with the above, my focus will be on the creation of a world class blog post on Windows Vista imaging.  It will include 5–7 detailed demos I’ll capture using Camtasia.  I promise it will rock.  That’s a big promise.  Hold me to it.  I will try to get it done by 8/28 but don’t hold me to it.

Now for the bad news.  On 8/4, I was scheduled to deliver a webcast on Windows Vista Corporate Deployment.  That material had some defects and isn’t using the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 tools so I asked for it to be placed on hold until it can be revised.  It’s probably going to disappear from the website next week.  Even if the content is fixed in a timely manner, I’ll do a kewl blog post on that subject, complete with streaming media demos.


Comments (2)

  1. John Ball says:

    Keith, when are yall headed back down to the New Orleans area? I enjoyed the event that you presented when you came down but checking the link that you provided I don’t see any more events in my neck of the woods…

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Well, according to the schedule, we aren’t going to AR, LA and TN.  I’m checking to see if this is a mistake.  If it isn’t a mistake, it’s a mistake.

    Keep in mind our Q1 doesn’t begin until 8/8 so there’s 5 weeks that got cut from the travel schedule for Q1 and cuts have to be made.

    I wasn’t aware those three states were totally out of the picture until last week.

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