Are your shipments arriving on time?

I meant to post this a couple of days ago but since I have time today, I'm getting around to it.  Why do I have time?  Well, because I am fixing the virtual machine from hell and some of those copies and installs take a long time.   

So back to the topic... I was wondering if you are seeing excellent, good, ok, or bad service from the shipping companies you use?  I started to notice over the course of the past year that every time I specified overnight shipping, I never got my goodies overnight.  To be fair, I'm talking about overnight from the time the shipping company picks up the package, to delivery of my door.  The last time this occurred was a few weeks ago when I ordered some stuff through our internal procurement website.

That was the last time I'll ever use overnight shipping.

I talked to the shipper customer service and they are of course very sympathetic.  I asked why the package didn't arrive on time, where it was, when to expect it, etc.  I mentioned that none of the overnight packages for the past year arrived on time.  I didn't ask for a refund, and guess what, one wasn't offered.  It was almost as if they were treating this as business as usual.

Is it?  Is this what you are seeing?

Last week, I ordered a new laptop SATA drive from  I ordered it on Monday because the drive was finally in stock.  It shipped the next day, although it shipped pretty late in the day.  I specified 3 day shipping on the order.  I still don't have the drive.  If you look at the tracking there was a delay.  It says, "A LATE TRAIN CAUSED THIS DELAY".

Well, at least they're starting to get creative.  I called newegg on Friday and asked for a shipping refund.  They obliged without issue.  So when this occurs, who is penalized?  I certainly don't want this to hurt newegg.

Does that refund end up coming from the shipping company?  How are shipping service level agreements tracked and measured?  Does someone have the skinny? 

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  1. Lee Rayl says:

    I have similar experiances as the one that you pointed out.  I was shocked the other day as I had an overnight purchase from Amazon that was sitting at my house when I got home that night!

    I would say overall its close to a day but never when they say.  It would be nice to have it based off the time you order it and not when they ship it!

  2. John Ball says:

    Well we ship with UPS and very rarely DHL. Post Katrina overnight usually means two days. When we order from Dell we specify all orders overnight. If we specify 2-3 business days then it takes a week.

  3. John Ball says:

    Here is a personal story. I have a Toshiba laptop. I love Toshiba laptops. The third day I had mine I dropped it (duh!) and the video went out. I called Toshiba and they agreed to fix it no problem at their expense!

    I shipped it UPS and tracked it on the way to their repair facility as well as their repair status. On the way back the package goes through Jackson Mississippi (a large UPS hub) then on to New Orleans. Well when it arrived in New Orleans the status changed eventually to "Out for Delivery." One day — two days — three days — a week still no laptop. I called UPS and they put a tracer on it. One day — two days — three days — a week (sound familiar?)

    UPS lost my laptop. I took close to a MONTH! to find my laptop. It was left behind in the facility and nobody knew where it was left. UPS customer service never even apologized or offered any type of discount, service, etc.

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