So when will Microsoft release Scoble v2.0?

Now that the man is leaving us (is he crazy?), who has the talent to fill those shoes?  I’d love to do it, but frankly it would mean uprooting my family and leaving blistering Texas heat for the cool Seattle skies.  That is actually the reality we all face in our careers.  Like many companies, there are a significant number of job opportunities in Seattle where the mothership docks.  Corporate campuses are like that.  Tons of stuff to do, but not enough people to do it.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re hiring.  There are 4300 jobs posted for the USA at  I wish half were here in Texas, but sadly they aren’t. 

So what would it take to get hired into Microsoft and blog half the time, drive channel 9 half the time, and have a life the other half the time.  You’ll notice it doesn’t add up.  To do what he did, expect to work a lot of hours.  To work those kind of hours, you’d better make sure you have passion about technology.  You’d also better have passion about Microsoft technology.

When I left the company I was working at to go work for Microsoft, I remember some of my co-workers, friends and mentors saying I would be back.  My manager at the time asked me what he could do to keep me.  I told him there wasn’t anything he could do.  It wasn’t about money.  It was about going to work for a company that could help shape the direction of technology.

So they said I would be back.  In two weeks I celebrate my tenth anniversary with Microsoft.

Will Robert be back?  Time will tell…

Comments (2)

  1. castrunk says:

    …is "blistering Texas heat" a good thing?  😉

    Don’t forget that for a lot of families moving to a new city means the loss of a source of income too.  Considering my wife makes more than me right now, that’s a risk *I’m* not willing to take.

    I still chuckle over the number of consulting gigs in the local MS office.  Certainly is a lot different than when I was a consultant so many moons ago.  Frankly, the drive to the office would stress me out too much.

  2. Rob says:

    Weird… didn’t he just move to Seattle?  Strange he would be lured away right after the move.

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