Guess how many Windows Vista downloads in 24 hours

Vista_thumbIf it wasn’t for the size, I would imagine Windows Vista would eclipse all download records.  A more interesting number might be the number of gig we served up in the month of June.

Or maybe the number of hard drives that fried in the data centers around the world.  (Pictures a dude in the data center with a fire extinguisher next to the racks)

By the way, if you click on the thumbnail to the right, it’ll display the large version which you can of course use as your background or keep a copy for future use.  Enjoy.

Comments (3)

  1. Eric M. says:


  2. Jason says:

    I’ll guess…. 172,148


  3. Keith Combs says:

    I am guessing we’ll serve 7.5 terabytes of Windows Vista Beta 2 downloads in the month of June and we’ll kill 46 hard drives…  🙂


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