Got a phat internet connection? Download Windows Vista Beta 2 now!!!


So I missed the date by a few hours, but you can help us bring the internet to it’s knees by downloading Windows Vista Beta 2 today!!!  Ok, depending on your connection, maybe not today but hopefully shortly there after.  After the download is complete burn the .iso image to DVD and you’ll have a shiny new operating system to test.

Go to and decide if you want to order the DVD kit or download the bits right now.

Thissucks_thumbAs you can see, this is a rather large download so you’ll need to be patient with it.  It might make more sense for you to simply order the DVD.  The price will vary by region but to give you an idea, it’s $6 for the DVD, $4 for shipping and some taxes for me here in sunny 100 degree Texas.  That’s slightly over $10 if you want to conserve bandwidth.

UPDATE:  Well, we’ll hardly bring the internet to its knees when we get these.  I was going through the process of trying the download for myself (so I could share your pain), and I got the lovely message to the right (click the thumb for better detail).

You can’t really read it, but it has bad news.  I basically says our data center is a bit busy right now. 

Now I’m really going to try to download the whole thing to see how long it takes.  With my 15meg connection, it should take about an hour.  Place yer bets. 


Comments (3)

  1. David Moisan says:

    You might find that the web page won’t let you have the license keys.

    I tried downloading, got the message you describe, tried again and got *another* message "Thanl you for participating in the Preview Program.  All of your available product keys have been used".

    Two other points:  Website says it will email you the dl links and keys. It doesn’t.  Website says, on the license key page, "Print page for your records".  When you do so, you get a nice background *without* a license key!  (But the text is selectable.  No word on how IT people with visual disablities are supposed to get around this.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    After I got past the busy server errors, I was able to register and receive a page with the install key.  I did that yesterday and today. On both occasions, I received an email almost instantly from the service at microsoft dot com address.

    I looked around on the webpage to see if there was a trouble form or email address but I didn’t see one.  

    You might try it again today.  If this totally fails again, send me an email from my blog with your passport id and I’ll see if I can get someone to look into it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I thought that I would point you to this post by Keith Combs. Keith has the download address and details…

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