Windows Vista Beta 2 shipment for TechNet Plus subscribers

Like many of you, I have a TechNet Plus subscription.  It includes Microsoft software (released and beta).  Unfortunately, Windows Vista Beta 2 wasn’t complete for the TechNet June mailing cutoff date.  I received a newsletter notice that indicates we are getting ready to mail the disks.  Here’s the quote:

Looking for Window Vista Beta 2?
The Windows Vista Beta 2 released after your June issue was being prepared for shipment. As a result we will be sending TechNet Plus subscribers a separate shipment containing Windows Vista Beta 2. It will arrive after your regular June shipment.”

Personally, I would have waited until the July mailing and saved the money, but that’s just me pinching pennies.  Just so you know, I’ve also been pushing hard for a TechNet subscriber download center for this type of stuff. 

If you haven’t looked at the TechNet Plus subscription details, you should.  It essentially pays for itself if you use the two included support incidents.  Everything else is just gravy.

Comments (2)

  1. laifour says:


    Technet subscriber should get a download center

    like MSDN service.  The download center saves

    both bandwidth and my time searching for the media on my shelves.  (yes, my media set from MS are mostly shelfware…:-)

    Steven Lai, CISSP

    Microsoft SBSC

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Don’t worry, it’s coming.  I just wish we had it yesterday. I know, patience young Jedi.

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