Verizon Motorola Q Update – bad news for me

MotorolaQI was all gung ho about the Motorola Q.  I was so hopeful I finally had a phone in my sight that would fulfill my requirements. But it appears Verizon has released it without some key capabilities I want.  I filled out the paperwork, scanned my employee badge and send all of the paperwork to my Verizon corporate rep last Thursday.  Then I got the call of death from my Verizon Rep on Friday…

He told me that in the initial release of the Motorola Q by Verizon Wireless, there won’t be any ability to tether my laptop to the Q and use it as a gateway to the Verizon EVDO network.  Not only that, the Q will not have a Bluetooth dialup networking (DUN) modem profile. 

Cancelled my order on the spot. 

Rumor is that they’ll release the tether option in a few months as they release the Microsoft Security and Messaging Feature Pack (MSFP).  This probably means they’ll implement this support via VZAccess.  

Verizon VZAccess doesn’t currently run on Windows Vista Beta 2.  VZAccess will install but it just doesn’t run correctly for me.  I have reported it and have not received a commitment for any support.  Considering Windows Vista is still under development, it’s not unusual for other companies to take that position. 

I have the Verizon PC 5740 pcmcia card for my laptop so I can use the Verizon EVDO BroadbandAccess network.  Windows Vista Beta 2 includes “inbox” drivers for the Curitel PC 5740 chipset.  As far as Windows Vista is concerned, it’s just a dialup modem.  Thankfully this allows me to continue to use my EVDO BroadbandAccess subscription.  See for my instructions on how to get that setup and running.

If the Q would only do the same thing, I could get rid of my SMT 5600 Smartphone,  PC 5740 and get to the holy grail of one device and one plan…  presumably at a lower cost.

Maybe it’s time to think more about the Palm Treo 700w.  I know you can tether it on the Verizon network.  I wonder when Sprint will start selling the 700w.  At the moment, they only have the Treo 700p.  I must admit though, the Palm Treo 700p DUN page sure looks inviting…  Would I dare run an OS not made by Microsoft?

Oh, and I sent a query over to the folks at June Fabrics about their PDAnet for Windows Mobile software.  Hopefully they have something that works on Windows Vista Beta 2 with the Q.  If they do, they are my new best friends.  I’ll let you know what they say.

UPDATE:  The price went low enough to get me off the fence.  Still no MSFP or supported tether option, but I got mine at a great price.  See for more information.  Also, if you ask the support folks at June Fabrics for a Windows Vista Beta 2 version of PDAnet, they might just supply a link to the goods.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Read about it…

  2. Sean Carnahan says:

    Might I suggest checking out the Cingular 8125, a very sweet PDA style phone with Windows mobile 5.0.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Thanks Sean.  I actually have the HTC Wizard which is essentially the 8125. However, the Cingular network isn’t fast enough for my laptop tethering needs until they get HSDPA/UMTS rolled out to more locations.

  4. Joel Schoenberg says:

    I use the Treo 700w and I use PDANet for tethering via USB and/or Bluetooth to get to the EVDO network from my laptop.  PDANet is easy and fantastic at getting high download speeds, but unfortunately it doesn’t run World of Warcraft very well 🙂  I, too hope they publish a Windows Vista version of PDANet.

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