How much do 40,000 gallons of water cost where you live?

I drained and refilled my pool.  That’s 40,000 gallons of fresh water.  Look at your water bill and rate, do the math, and post the result back here.  It’ll be interesting to see what a gallon of fresh water goes for around the world.

Is water hardware or software?

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  1. John D says:

    Maybe it should have been filed under "storage"

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Ha Ha

    Good one. Storage added.  🙂

  3. JVILLAGA says:

    $205 in Tucson, AZ for 40,000 gal in 1 billing cycle (~1 mo.).  Most water soft-moderately hard (<~150 mg/l as CaC03)

  4. jweston says:

    My town charges more per 1000 gallons the more you use. I think the rate/1000 doubles at 25K gallons.   The way I got around it…  I got with the city and found the exact date they were going to read my meter.  I filled my pool backup about 1/2 way, waited until after that day they read the meter.  Then filled the rest during the next "billing month". I kept both months under 25K gallons. Remember in Texas, don’t leave a pool empty, we get a lot of rain an the darn thing will "pop out of the ground" or float!  Can you say concrete boat?

  5. kbird says:

    $101 in Champaign IL.

  6. Anders says:


    1000 liters in 5 SEK.

    1 US$ is 7,35 SEK

    1000 gallon is 3785,4118 liters

  7. Rob says:

    It’s $2.69/1000 gallons in Temple, TX (about 200 miles south of you on I35).  So about $107 to fill your cement pond.  My pool is only 18,500 gallons so I could do it for less than $50 bucks.

  8. war59312 says:


    lol No really it is! Why?

    Because it’s the electricity bill you have to worry about. You see, there is no water bill. Because I live out in the country and have a water well. 🙂

    So you see, it’s free. :p

  9. castrunk says:

    Who needs a pool?  We have over 15,000 lakes.  (Yes, I’m well aware of our state slogan.)

    Assuming I’m reading this system correctly, 11,000 gallons cost me just over $26 the last billing period.

    I’d say software.  The hardware would be the physical pool.

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