Windows Vista Beta 2 download registration

Well I got all excited…  I was poking around on the MSDN developer site and noticed they have this enticing link to become a member of the Windows Vista Beta program called the Windows Vista Beta Experience.  The link takes you to a site where you can pick your country.  Of course I looked for the country of Texas and to my horror it wasn’t listed.  So I picked the United States and ended up at  On that page they have a registration link that takes you to

Ok, we are finally through the “experience” and down to the meat of the issue.  I started going down this path to see if we’ve actually offered Windows Vista Beta 2 for download.  Just below the download button is the following statement:

“The Windows Vista Beta is not yet available. The Beta Experience newsletter will inform you about the availability of the Windows Vista Beta.”

The download capability is expected to happen around June 5, 2006.  Signup and we’ll see. 

I ended up also clicking on the ORDER button and purchased a copy of the Office 2007 Beta kit.  $4.95 plus $2 shipping brought my USD total with taxes to $7.52.  Of course I could get this for free internally (and already have), but I also like to see what type of process we are using with our customers.  It indicated 2–3 weeks for delivery.

UPDATE:  I received my Office System shipment yesterday (6/2/2006).  Pretty fast eh?

When I find that you can download Windows Vista Beta 2, I’ll let you know.  I have also pinged the TechNet team to see if TechNet subscribers have a way.  No promises, but I’m working on it.



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