Is blogging with Word 2007 a big deal?

Tons of people have discovered a new feature in the Office 2007 Beta 2 version of Word.  It allows you to write fantastic dissertations in Word and post them to your blog.  I am currently using BlogJet v1.6 and it does the job, but it has this weird little European dictionary and doesn’t like my spellins fer things here in Texas.  Go figure.  Anyway, it will be good to see my real-time grammar and spelling errors in Word 2007.

Next week I’m on the road doing TechNet seminars in Tennessee.  When I get back, my poor little laptop gets another therapeutic flattening and I’m going to install the best current build of Windows Vista and Office 2007 Beta 2.  I’ll blog from Word then.  Big deal?  We’ll see…

If you want definitive information on this feature and others in Word 2007, see  You can also see a demo of the feature at this screencast.  Maybe someday Kevin will stop using all of the awful spaces in the filename.  8.3 rulz.

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