Using Verizon EVDO with Windows Vista

I’m sure by now that a number of you have signed up for the Verizon BroadbandAccess EVDO service.  If you are a trail blazer and are part of the Windows Vista testing gang, you have probably noticed by now that Verizon’s connection software (VZAccess) doesn’t run under Windows Vista.  Never fear, there is a solution to this problem.

Creating an EVDO Dial-up Connection

  • Insert your EVDO modem card.  I am using the PC 5740.  Make sure you are doing this at home or in an office and Windows Vista networking via your homelan or office lan is already working.  The detection process needs to get the drivers from the Windows Vista update site.

EVDO modem detect

  • Click the yes button to search for the drivers.
  • Let the detection process complete and you’ll see the success result dialog box as indicated below.

EVDO modem installed

  • Go to the Network Center.  You can get to this a variety of ways, but Control Panel | Network Center works.
  • Click Setup a connection or network in the left hand list of tasks.
  • Click setup a dial-up connection as shown below

EVDO setup dialup1

  • Pick the modem from the list.  In my case, it’s the Curitel PC Card.  This will bring you to the next screenshot and allow for the other information we’ll enter.
  • Enter #777 as the phone number.
  • Enter a network name.
  • Check the box that lets other users use this network on your machine.  I use this for guest access on my machine.

EVDO setup dialup3

  • Click the Connect button and the new connection will be attempted.  You should see the success message similar to the dialog below.

EVDO setup dialup4

Happy surfing!!!  FYI, I also tested VPN connectivity across this to my corporate network.


[UPDATE 7–15–2006]

VzwFor the Kyocera, KPC650,

  • Copy the Verizon VZaccess installer to your harddrive
  • Open properties, click the run in XPxp2 compat mode and run as admin
  • Install the software.
  • Once the install finishes
  • Insert the card and use network center to create a new dialup connection
  • If you are prompted for drivers look in program files\verizon wireless\vzaccess manager\drivers\650
  • Dial #777 – no username or password
  • You don’t need to use the VZaccess software
  • I have noticed sometimes when I wake the system and insert the card the system won’t see it.  If you just reboot with the card in it will work fine.




Comments (24)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I typically try to avoid the VZAccess software whenever I can due to the special Venturi software likes to mangle the TCP-IP stack/helpers from time to time. Another blogger has a step by step instructions on avoiding the software.

    Basically, under

  2. Joe User says:

    Awesome!!!  Thanks for the tip!

  3. Dave says:

    Great!  Do you have similar wisdom on how to get the Cisco VPN client to work with Vista?

  4. David B says:

    This was a lifesaver!!!!

    You’re the man!

  5. Ben says:

    Thanks for the tip.

    I have a problem though!

    I was successful once. The first time I installed vista, I was able to connect. After that all my "attempts to connect failed"

    I Installed a fresh copy of Vista (For the purpose of repatitioning my HD) I configured the card…. and everything went like a charm…but again the second ttempt failed.

    Do you guys have any idea what’s going on?


  6. Ben says:

    Well, After toying arround with the settings, I desabled the Curitel PC Card Diagnostic Serial Port WDM under Ports. and I’mup and running again!!

  7. Keith Combs says:

    FYI, I downloaded a different version of VZAccess Manager from  Version 5.6.1 is designed for the Blackberry RIM devices but since I already had the previous version of VZAccess installed with the PC 5740, it apparently just upgraded a few of the components and worked.

    I’m sure it’s an unsupported configuration but what the heck, it’s a beta operating system.

    When I connect, the status bar never changes from "Authenticating connection".  I sat there and watched it like a dummy for a few minutes then finally just tried things and viola, it was working.  It also doesn’t update the status bar when you click the disconnect button.  So I just exit VZAccess when I am done.

    One other thing, Verizon warns that if you aren’t using VZAccess, you won’t get the benefit of the flat rate for unlimited usage and will be charged for minutes.  That hasn’t been my experience, but I thought I would mention it.



  8. Robert says:

    Has anyone found 64 bit drivers for the Kyocera CDMA modem?



  9. Jenifer Nech says:

    I too have been testing VZAccess by SmithMicro and their generic management tool for broadband connections. Neither work so I have set up my Kyocera card manually. My question for all is:

    How important is it that we have that management software? What about Verizon roaming updates, etc?

    Wondering in Houstin,


  10. Keith Combs says:

    I don’t know how important the VZAccess software is.  You would need to ask Verizon about that.  Verizon did tell me at one point that it was needed to prevent being billed per minute charges on the unlimited data plans, but my bill does not reflect any charges when I used my PC 5740 in the manner described above.

    I also don’t have the card you are asking about, so I cannot test it.  Sorry.

  11. Anonymous says:

    One more piece of 3rd-party software that I don’t need: VZAccess Manager. Keith’s excellent post got…

  12. Erik Wynne Stepp says:

    Has anyone tested this with Vista RC1?

    This worked for me with earlier versions, but fails to connect with RC1 (build 5600)

  13. Keith Combs says:

    Yes. In fact, I did some testing Thursday of this week because the billing for my account changed and so did the phone number.

    To be clear, I tested my PC5740 pcmcia card using the instructions above (the original post).  I have not installed and tested VZAccess.

  14. Anonymous says:

    As you’ll recall, a few months ago I posted instructions on how to use the Verizon PC5740 pcmcia EVDO…

  15. Becky Collins says:

    I had to replace my pc5740 with the v640 express card.  Will this work with that?  I should be receiving it in the mail today and just was wondering. Thanks

  16. Keith Combs says:

    I don’t have the card, so I have not tested it. When you go to plug in the card, make sure Windows Vista RC1 has network connectivity so that any drivers it detects can come off the Windows Update site.  If you see those flow down to your machine, your chances are good that the card will be recognized and used outside VZAccess if VZAccess doesn’t work.

  17. Chad Cooper says:

    I tried installing the KPC650 on Windows Vista build 5600 and received the BSD (blue screen of death) on two separate laptops (Dell & Toshiba). Anyone else experiencing this?

  18. Urusai says:

    Doesn’t find drivers for Kyocera KPC650 via Windows Vista Update.  RC2 Build 5744

  19. Racerex says:

    BSOD putting in the Verizon v620 with Vista RC2 Dell D610. It worked great with XP SP2. Can’t get Cisco vpn client to work either. Can anyone help.

  20. Racerex says:

    Finally got it to work! All I did is disable the smart card adapter in device manager whitch shared the same IRQ (19) as the Novatel v620 EVDO card. Stuck the card in and no more BSOD. I also download Cisco VPN Client just released for Vista and now that works. Thanks for all the help.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Earlier this week my hard drive on my primary laptop begin to show signs of failing – I took this as…

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