Honey, did that pilot say he was rebooting the airplane?

CTRLALTDEL from gapingvoid.comNext time you are getting on an airplane, take a look at all of the pilot controls.  If you see a CTRL, an ALT, and a DEL key, be afraid… very afraid. 

See Rick’s story at “Dark spots at 34,000 feet”.  I almost wet my pants I laughed so hard.

Hopefully there are no dummies guides laying around…

I think it’s extremely kewl to see the various implementations of Windows CE.  Our operating systems are starting to make some significant headway into a variety of applications.

The Windows Mobile products are really starting to take off and if the North American market is any indication, there’s no holding things back. 

I look forward to the day when I have a wireless connection wherever I’m at and it’s coming from my cell phone at 2meg+ speeds.  Today, I have to accomplish that with a PC card in my laptop but now that EVDO, UMTS and HSDPA hand sets are starting to ship, I see a single plan in my future.

Anyone know how to reboot the internet?

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