What’s with the fluffy stuff?

Ghost Recon AWLooking back over my posts last month makes me want to hurl.  Way too much marketing stuff and lacking in strong technical content. 

Ok, take some IT Pro cred points from me.  In fact, make me take a day off.  Dare me, double dare me.  If it just happens to coincide with the release of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, trust me, it’s purely coincidence.

Back to the original subject, I promise that for the months of March, April, May, June and beyond, I’ll focus more on killer screencasts and less on marketing fluff.

We’ll do current and future products.  Since we have Security as the focus of our live seminars in the April-June time-frame, I’ll do a couple of things around that. Everyone wants to do Windows Vista and I plan to tackle a couple of complex issues there. I also plan to do some DNS and DHCP stuff.  As many times as I do a webcast on the subject, it always amazes me how much demand there is for training and information on those subjects.

So if you want fluffy marketing stuff for the next few months, sorry, look elsewhere.  I’ll still post stuff about Vista, Exchange 12, Office 2007 and Longhorn server, but I’ll throttle my coverage since it seems there are plenty of other folks doing those type of posts anyway.


I am currently working on a really long set of documentation.  It’s an internal doc on how to create a blog, create blog posts, create audio and video for pod and screencasting, tools, techniques and publishing methods.  I am far from being an expert, but it’s time to get what I’ve learned on paper so it can be leveraged inside Microsoft.  Hopefully I’ll get it wrapped up pretty soon.  As I write it, the scope keeps expanding.  Scope creep.  I hate that…

Comments (3)

  1. good, I’m waiting for you doc:D

  2. Rob says:

    Wow, the new Ghost Recon comes out and Keith’s site goes to pot again…  Where’s all your images?  đź™‚

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Be nice.  Actually, I’ve really been working although my task list doesn’t seem to get shorter.  

    Ghost Recon AW does come out tomorrow although I won’t get to play until Friday.

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