Where on earth is Keith?

I got a message from Kevin Remde that a few of you were complaining I’ve been MIA on my blog.  Well, that is soo true, but don’t think for a second it hasn’t been the top of my mind.  In fact, I’ve been setting up some stuff to take this blog and others MUCH further.

I’ve been building out some infrastructure that will allow the SST TechNet and MSDN teams to stream audio, video and podcast.  We are taking some baby steps, but the first one is a dozeee.  Think of it like the first baby step for the Jolly Green Giant.  In order to accomplish some of our goals, we need a way to stream audio and video.  The status on that is complete as of today.

Fellow comrade, Michael J Murphy, is the first person on my team to put something into production using the service we are building out.  See his IT Hero Series blog post at http://blogs.technet.com/mjmurphy/archive/2005/11/07/413884.aspx

So what else has been consuming my time?  Uh, anyone heard about SQL Server 2005?  Check out all of the new information at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/default.mspx.  That page has been completely updated with all of the launch information.  Today is launch day!!!  Yaaaa!!!  My team has been very heads down working with the product so we can do a killer job of delivering our live and webcast events over the next couple of months.

But Keith, surely there’s something else?  Uh, yea.  You may have seen that I’m the Master of Ceremonies for the “Secure And Well Managed Infrastructure” webcast series. This is an eighteen part series running through my birthday in December.  Actually, it concludes the day before my birthday but whos counting?

Uh, dude, you’re still jerking our chain.  Surely that isn’t all?  Ok, you got me.  If the above wasn’t sucking up over 60–70 hours per week, maybe my new toy is.  As you might recall from previous posts, I’ve been evaluating high definition DLP TVs.  I made the plunge and purchased the HP 58” md5880n.  I have my Media Center 2005 PC connected and am driving the HDTV at 1080p resolutions via a DVI->HDMI cable.  I have an upscaling DVD player connected via HDMI driving the HDTV at 1080i via HDMI.  I have my Charter Communications HD DVR and Xbox connected via the component video connections.  It is working wonderfully.  The picture quality is awesome.  The speakers sound great.

Now, I promise to start posting more to my blog.  I’m currently learning to become a Camtasia expert.  I will be delivering some really kewl blog entries soon with some great demos.

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  1. castrunk says:

    Now, now…you’ll have to share your toys with everyone else if you’re going to gloat. Just send that baby up to Kevin. You trust him…right? 😉

    Here’s my dilema. There’s a webcast on Dec 14th…which is the same day as the Mpls Launch event. Hmmm.

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