Last Chance to Break It!!!

SqlvslogoWe just released the last version of SQL Server 2005 you get to break before we go into manufacturing of the real product.  Get the releases at  There are a couple of changes occurring with the product that you might want to be aware of.

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition – the management tool for this version is going to be changed.  For those of you that have been testing other versions of the product, you’re already familiar with Management Studio.  We are retrofitting Management Studio so that you can manage the Express Edition with it.  It’s actually called a “scaled down” version of Management Studio.  Regardless, this is good news.

Mirroring – I have been asked several times are we going to ship on time.  What was my answer?  My answer has always been when it’s ready.  Well, SQL Server 2005 is ready but one important feature is going to stay on the test treadmill for a little bit longer.  Our Mirroring feature is going to ship sometime in 1HCY06.  This will allow us to fine tune that feature set and make sure it is rock solid. 

You can read about these important changes from the man himself, Paul Flessner, in a letter we updated this morning.  Check it out!  We also posted the latest and greatest versions of the documentation set

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