Windows OneCare Live Beta

OneCarescreenHave you managed to stumble across the Windows OneCare product website?  This is an interesting new product currently in beta.  As you can see on the website, the product will have antivirus, firewall, PC maintenance, data backup and restore functionality.

Wow!!!  Now that sounds totally cool to me.  It wouldn’t bother me a bit to get rid of my current antivirus product.  I seem to have issues getting virus signature updates from the vendors FTP server.  Grrrrr.

How many of you are doing backups regularly?  I’d guess the percentage of people that actually backup their computer is in the single digits.  Ever done a restore? Sure you have…

I’m in the habit of backing up and creating images for all my machines pretty regularly.  I take a snapshot of my wife’s machine weekly.  I do my machines every two weeks. 

Hard drive paranoia is a good thing for a Microsoft Evangelist.  If one of my laptop hard drives has a catastrophic failure, my audience will get a nice little 10 minute break but we won’t have to cancel an event.  I hit the road with duplicates of everything.  Anyway, I digressed from the original topic.

Go to and see the instructions for Beta signup.  Checkout the Getting Started area at  It has screenshots of what to expect. 


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