Are you bad enough?

BadtotheboneEveryone thinks they’re kewl.  You could be kewler riding around on one of these. The gang Orangecountyat Orange County Choppers is making Microsoft a custom chopper and it’s part of a contest from the SQL Server 2005 product group.

What’s the catch?  Well, you need to migrate from Oracle to SQL Server and tell us your story.  See the official rules for the details.

Now before you go getting all crazy, don’t forget what it’s like to ride a motorcycle on the street.  What?  You’ve never driven a motorcycle on the street? 

I have 30 years of street and dirt experience.  I can tell you, riding a motorcycle on the street in any major city is a dangerous proposition.  Riding choppers is also a little tricky.  Notice anything out of the ordinary about the chopper pictured here?  How about those long fork tubes?  Yea, that extended front end makes things interesting.

Riding on the street can also be a blast.  It isn’t real fun right now with the heat and all. I’ll be back out on my machine when the temps go below 100.  Sorry, I don’t get a big thrill in 103 degree heat.  The way it’s looking, that won’t be until October.  Yea, it’s hot in Texas. 

Fyi, I own a couple of two wheelers.  I have a 1998 Harley Low Rider.  Here’s the 2006 Low Rider.  LowriderMy bike is very similar.  My mean machine is black and has lace wheels like the picture.  I added a front windshield and a rear sissy bar and luggage rack.  I bought my Low Rider in 1998 and it’s still in immaculate condition.  I might sell it.  I’ve been wanting a Road King for several years.  If I ever buy one, I might disappear…  grin…  My friend Dr. Michael McLoughlin has a BMW that is bad ass.  I really love the BMW’s, too.  They are so smooth and quiet.

What was your first motorcycle? 

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  1. Matz says:

    Nice ride. Myself, i ride a MeanStreak (Kawasaki VN1500MS).

    I don’t know how to get a picture up, but if you’re qurious, I guess you can find it on the google…. 😉

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