The Need For Speed

I endured the last fiscal year on the road without decent connectivity.  Sure, you can get really good connections in a hotel room now, but that doesn’t do jack when you’re at a meeting location like a theatre.  I swore I wasn’t going to do that in FY06 which started a couple of weeks ago.

I’d be interested in any observations some of you’ve had on this subject.  I was thinking 3G was the solution.  EDGE is to slow for my needs.  The problem is that 3G doesn’t seem to be available everywhere. 

Verizon Wireless has their BroadbandAccess.  This looks fast enough and fortunately their coverage handles many of the cities in my region (southern states).  It’s a little above what I want to pay but it’s certainly a candidate.

Any other suggestions? 

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  1. Rob says:

    I was at your last Technet shindig in Austin and noticed that there was a hotspot there. It was secure though… sigh. I guess the theater is worried about folks surfing the net on their PDA’s when they realize how bad the movie is?

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