HDTV help needed

I’ve been saving my pennies.  I have enough saved to buy a really nice High Def TV.  I have no idea what to get.  I have decided it’s going to be a 50” screen.  Moving from a 36” analog TV to a 42” high def TV seems too small a jump.

Does anyone have recommendations on good consumer review sites?  I want to start doing my research and it would be nice to find some good sites with side-by-side comparisons, feature lists, explanations, etc.


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  1. Brian Hoyt says:

    While the site doesn’t do comparisons as much it has an huge wealth of info. Check out http://www.avsforum.com.

    At the size you are talking about you are pretty much out of the LCD/Plasma flat panel space unless you go really high price wise. Which means you are looking at projection TV’s. The big choice then is technology, old school CRT (deeper TV), DLP (cheaper, but rainbow effect for some) or LCD (a little more expensive). For most it comes down to personal taste. If you can go to a real home theater store to see the TV’s. While Best Buy and the like have great selections, they are often very poorly calibrated or have lower quality sources.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Thanks for the comments and links. I’d like to have a 50" LCD or Plasma. We’ll see what the new fall lineup is priced at in a few months.

    I was drooling over some of the Hitachi products. The 50" rear projection LCD at http://www.hitachi.us/tv/browse/lcd/lcd/50VS810.shtml looks interesting to me.

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