Offline Address Book (OAB) Head On Collisions

We all know about the kinetic energy of a head on collision.  I have a corporate Exchange mailbox.  I also have a hosted Exchange mailbox.  Each time I log on to either profile and retrieve new email using a “Send/Receive”, the current Offline Address Book (OAB) gets whacked by the incoming OAB data.

Unlike a head on collision with vehicles, size does not matter.  My hosted OAB is tiny compared to the OAB I receive from Microsoft.  So I set out to research if it was possible to force Outlook 2003 to look into a specific directory for the OAB.  It seemed logical that per profile settings would be the way to go.

Fortunately, a knowledgebase (KB) article on the subject has already been written that describes one solution to the problem. How to Change Location of Offline Address Book Files (KB 148493) goes on to describe modifying the settings that are used during profile generation.  You can create an email profile and specify the location of the OAB files using the OfflineAddressBookPath value.  This seems simple enough but I thought I would ask the rest of you if you have devised any other methods.

Any thoughts or tricks on this subject?

Update for 5/25 - Apparently I didn't read the entire article.  Supposedly, the method described is ignored by Outlook 2003.  Great.  Back to square one..

Comments (2)

  1. danny says:

    Keith et al,

    That solves that problem, but brings up a new issue: how do you manipulate/import/export/share your AutoComplete (cache) NK2 file between the two profiles?

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Good question. I rarely worry about that too much with all the rebuilds I do, but I’ll look into it and post something.

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