Does anyone use MS Reader?

NewpocketpcI’m sure several years ago, many of you installed and used MS Reader to some degree.  I really like it because I love ClearType fonts.  I also like Reader because it has a Pocket PC version and gave me another excuse to justify having a PDA.  I purchased a few books and took advantage of the summer series where we gave away free copies of books each week.  That was an awesome promotion by the way.

As many of you are aware, being a Microsoft employee means you have the opportunity to test and run a variety of products.  This also means you get in the habit of building laptop images pretty frequently.  Unfortunately, this also means you’ll run through your six MS Reader activations pretty fast.  Thankfully, you can get more activations after you justify it to PSS.

But I wondered how many people are in the same boat?  Do you like MS Reader but can’t use it? If so, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Attempt activation using your Passport account.  Once you have received the message, quota's exhausted or limit exceeded, you will have the opportunity to submit a request for more activations.
  • Submitting this request will produce an immediate request denied message.  ON this page, is a second request form, to PSS.  Submit the request will be granted more activations.

I’m assuming this works for anyone and didn't just work for me because I am a Microsoft employee.  Hopefully this will help everyone answer the question correctly.

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  1. Brian in CA says:

    For me, the killer PDA app was the iPaq 39xx transflective screen and MS Reader. I’ve bought more books for fun reading in the last 2.5 years than in the prior six – after having bought a single book for a Palm IIIxe and giving it up as a bad implementation of a good idea. I use my PDA’s for more than books, but I remember being a kid with a paperback stuffed in my jeans – now I have a PDA stashed in my pocket with 100 books on it. Perfect. Outlook got me using PDA’s, Reader has kept me buying new ones.

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