Comparing blogs – decisions decisions

It’s been fun but decision time is rapidly approaching.  I mean after all, how many blogs can a person afford to invest time in?  I’m tempted to keep the blog totally work related and have everything else (family, hobbies, rants) on my personal domain blog.  What do you do?

During the blog adventure over the past few months, the hype meter around blogging has gotten crazy.  I mean is RSS going to solve world peace or what?

I have been looking at several sites to use.  Like many of you, I want to be able to share information and get feedback on our products and services like live seminars and webcasts.  So here are the sites I’ve looked at, and some thoughts on each: – love the domain name.  Some of the styles are ok, but most of the colors were funky.  I did a few CSS overrides to come up with some colors I could live with.  Good statistical reporting (needed for the managers). Good spam controls.  BlogJet posting supported.  Only Microsoft employees are allowed to create a blog on this domain.  Anyone can reply if the blog allows it. – kewl themes!  Ok, this is a fun consumer area although I doubt I’d use it for any of my business oriented communiques.  MSN keeps improving and this will be very welcome by many.  Easy to create and setup. Free. Picture support is integrated so you don’t need a separate server to store pictures.  BlogJet is not supported.  Dog slow. – a decent selection of themes.  I really like the black theme I’m using.  As with the site, I changed some of the template settings to suit my needs (made the posting col wider).  Decent control of the site via the settings.  No statistics!  This is a show stopper for my needs.  BlogJet supported.

So it appears this is going to boil down to two sites short term.  The site for business, and blogspot for personal.  If after a few weeks I see that BlogJet wants to play nicely with b2evolution, then I’ll probably just use my domain.  It’s probably better that way since it will force me to update my website more often. 


Comments (3)

  1. Tejas Patel says:

    B2Bevo is good. It’s easy to compose/post and edit if you use Bookmarklets. I have used many other blogging engines before I settled on B2Evo, but it’s quite good and easily scalable. The support around it is awesome.

  2. Karan Mavai says:

    Why not install CommunityServer on your personal domain? It has a photo gallery and forum application as part of the engine that Technet blogs doesn’t expose.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    That’s a great idea. However, it won’t be possible until I move to a Windows hosting solution.