There Is A Santa Claus!!!

So I’m off at a team meeting this week and as usual, bored with the subject we are listening to.  I glance over the internal Xbox alias discussion and notice there is a large thread about Costco.  On further investigation, it appears the Costco stores are going to be selling their next batch of Xbox…


My pictures are gone

FYI, the ISP I use to store pictures is apparently on vacation and the server went down.  Hopefully all of the pretty pictures will be back tomorrow. 🙁


SQL Server 2005 Data Encryption

SQL Server 2005 includes new encryption capabilities that all administrators, programmers and database analyst should be aware of.  Key and Certificate creation and management functions are now an integral part of SQL Server 2005.  You have the flexibility to create your own X.509 certificates, use Windows Server 2003 CA issued certs, or use other certs purchased from…


Where to find the SQL Server 2005 Books Online?

You would think that would have the SQL Server 2005 books, right?  GONG!!! Nope.  So where do you get the goods?  Well, this gets you into the age old debate about the audience for the product.  Is the audience IT Pro, DBA, Developer or all of the above?  That answer is pretty obvious.  DEVELOPER…

Emptiest Blog Hall of Shame

I was surfing around looking at various blogs.  One of them had me rolling on the floor because it was totally empty.  I’m sure you’ve seen others.  See Now in Bryan’s defense, he was probably pretty busy doing stuff like the SQL Server 2005 series when he created it.  That was several months ago. …


SQL Server 2005 Trip Wires

A number of changes and improvements have been made to SQL Server 2005.  Did I really need to state that?  One of the big improvements is in the management and security area.  The SQL Management Object (SMO) infrastructure replaces much of what used to be accomplished using SQL-DMO.  SMO is tightly integrated with Windows Management Instrumentation…


Happy Birthday WWW !!!

The underlying ideas of the Web can be traced as far back as 1980, when Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau built ENQUIRE (short for Enquire Within Upon Everything, a book Berners-Lee recalled from his youth). While it was rather different from the Web we use today, it contained many of the same core ideas (and…

IT Heroes: Stories from the Trenches

Today the SST TechNet team launched the pilot of a new weekly blogcast interview program IT Heroes: Stories from the Trenches, the real stories of men and women in IT making a difference everyday. We talk with authors, innovators and implementers about emerging technologies, troubleshooting and remediation of common infrastructure issues and charitable contributions in…

Where on earth is Keith?

I got a message from Kevin Remde that a few of you were complaining I’ve been MIA on my blog.  Well, that is soo true, but don’t think for a second it hasn’t been the top of my mind.  In fact, I’ve been setting up some stuff to take this blog and others MUCH further….


A More Secure and Well Managed Infrastructure – links from the webcast

Today we kicked of an eighteen part webcast series titled, “A More Secure and Well Managed Infrastructure”.  As with any good name, most of us are referring to it internally as SWMI (pronounced Swimee).  During the course of part one, I did some desktop sharing to show you the various areas on the web to…