Error While Configuring WAP–”The Underlying Connection Was Closed”–Part 2

Last week I ran into an issue that was similar in behavior to something that I covered in another previous post. I am inclined to think that we will see more calls similar to this so I thought I would take some time to show you what the cause was and how to resolve it….


Publishing SharePoint 2010 with UAG – Cannot Check Out Documents and They May Be Read-Only

  Some of the more frustrating issues I come across when supporting UAG are encountered when publishing SharePoint. It seems as though SharePoint 2010 is particularly vulnerable to oddities when publishing it through UAG or any reverse proxy for that matter.  Ben Ari has a great blog that goes a long way to explaining why…


Error While Configuring WAP–The Underlying Connection Was Closed

  We have seen a couple of these issues this week when running the Web Application Proxy wizard to complete an install. I am pretty sure we will see quite a few more of these so I thought I would write up a quick blog on the issue. Problem After installing the role for Web…


When Troubleshooting Use All the Tools at Your Disposal (Part 2)

Just this week I had another very interesting case that allowed me to really dig into some data and it took the use of multiple tools to figure it out. This blog is targeted at folks that are either new to the IT field, thinking about getting in to the field, or are always looking…


Building a Web Application Proxy Test Lab in Azure

This is Part 3 in an ongoing series that will help you take advantage of Azure by showing you how you can utilize it to test different products before deciding to roll them out. Part 1 Creating a Test Lab for Free in Azure Part 2  Configuring Your First VM in Azure In Part 2…


Configuring Your First VM in Azure

Hopefully you took advantage of some of the ways in which Microsoft will allow you to try out Azure for free. I talked about 2 ways that are currently available in a previous post. Even if you are not currently getting a free subscription you may have landed here because you are looking to get…


Creating a Test Lab for Free in Azure

  Almost anywhere  you go these days IT folks are talking about "the cloud." It can be kind of intimidating if you haven't experienced it for yourself. To make taking the plunge a little less scary, Microsoft is giving MSDN subscribers monthly credits to use Azure. At the time of this writing Microsoft is giving…