Introducing Power BI for Office 365

Power BI for Office 365 is the Cloud Business Intelligence!


Power BI for Office 365 is a self-service Business Intelligence (BI) solution delivered through cloud that provides information workers with data analysis, rich visualization and mobile BI capabilities.


Discover: As a part of Excel 2013, you can access a variety of data sources using Online search - from traditional databases and big data to social media data feeds and even certified public data. This means, you can easily access, merge and transform any data small or big, private or public, from multiple data sources.

Model: You can create your own data models from various data sources, designed and structured to precisely fit your needs, by creating relationships, customer measures, hierarchies and KPIs - all with the increased performance of in-memory technology.

Analyze: You can easily create reports or graphs that are highly interactive with automatic filtering, drilling in or out of hierarchies and even show your data points on Bing maps in a slide show.

Share and Collaborate: You can publish your reports to a site as part of Office 365 and share them with anyone within your organization. Users get the same interactivity through the browser, making it easier to consume data and insights from anywhere or any device.

Ask questions using the New Q&A tool: Only available in Power BI, you can ask questions of your data using natural language search and get immediate answers through tables, charts, graphs and maps. These visualizations change on the fly based on your query. For example, if you ask for location specific information, the Q&A tool displays a map by default, creating a truly interactive experience with your data.

Access anywhere: You can access your data and continue its analysis on the road using any mobile device that supports HTML5 in a browser, or by using the Power BI application. You can stay connected with your data and reports from virtually anywhere, on any device



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