Welcome to a new way of doing business with Windows 8

Windows 8 is reimagined to focus on your business and also your life. It has been built on the sole foundation that has been developed with Windows 7 and all the security and reliability features that are available on Windows 7 are also available and improved on Windows 8, so you don’t have to compromise anything with Windows 8.

If you want to learn more on how Windows 8 can benefit your business, join us for an exclusive invitation-only online streaming event. At this event, we will give you a comprehensive overview of how businesses can benefit from Windows 8. You can register for the event through the links below:

English video (with no subtitles): https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/InviteOnly.aspx?EventID=EA-72-3F-94-5E-72-9E-98-A7-48-7B-6D-7C-79-CF-71&Culture=en-AE&community=0

 English video (with Arabic subtitles): https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/InviteOnly.aspx?EventID=F2-8B-B1-DA-FB-42-38-3A-93-3B-E8-49-B8-B0-ED-89&Culture=en-AE&community=0

 English video (with French subtitles): https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/InviteOnly.aspx?EventID=EA-72-3F-94-5E-72-9E-98-3F-17-BA-EA-C4-6A-56-21&Culture=fr-DZ&community=0

 As part of Microsoft's Keep Your Business Moving program, you also get an exclusive benefit of getting your questions answered by Microsoft’s subject matter experts at the virtual event. Answering your questions will be our subject matter expert, Onur Gorur, the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft MEA.

In order to submit your questions in advance, please go to our LinkedIn community:


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