OneDrive for Business increased to 1TB!

If you are taking advantage of Office 365 for Education, the good news got even better this week.  Microsoft announced we will be increasing the storage provided in OneDrive for Business from 25GB to 1TB.  Wow!

We have confirmed that the 1TB storage increase per OneDrive for Business user announced here will apply to A2 and A3 SKU customers.


This is great news!

Here is a quick FAQ:

Does this increase apply to Office 365 Education?

Yes, if you have A2 or A3 SKU assigned to your users you will get an increase from the default 25GB to the default 1TB in quota.

Will this increase cost me anything?

No, this will be included in the A2 and A3 SKU.

When will I see this increase in quota to 1TB?

From what I have read, it is coming over the next several months. It takes time to apply this to all the tenants.

Can I have files larger than 2GB?

Currently, SharePoint Online limited to 2GB file size for upload.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We previously announced an increase to 1TB for OneDrive for Business customers. Yesterday, we announced

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