Yammer for Office 365 Education Plans

Update:  We’re still excited about Yammer Enterprise coming to our Education customers, but it looks like the  availability in Office 365 for Education will be later this Spring/Summer.  You’re still encouraged to explore Yammer today and begin testing how it can benefit your organization.  Stay tuned for more updates as they become available…….

As part of this update, all existing Office 365 Education plan customerswill receive licenses for Yammer Enterprise.  There will be no additional cost associated with these features.

How will existing customers get Yammer Enterprise once it is available this Spring/Summer?

Once Yammer Enterprise is available, tenant admins will receive an activation link in their Office 365 admin portal. Customers should visit the Office 365 Admin Portal to begin the self-guided provisioning process. Find the complete Yammer Activation Guide here.  There are also additional resourceson activation and provisioning from Yammer.

Is there anything my customers can do to start using Yammer now?

Yes, education customers can start using free Yammer Basic today. Yammer Basic includes basic social networking and collaboration features, along with mobile and other 3rdparty applications.

How does Yammer integrate with Office 365?

The Yammer app for SharePoint that was released in July embeds Yammer feeds into SharePoint sites (similar to the Yammer web part that is available for SharePoint 2010 & 2007). The Yammer app for SharePoint is available free of charge in the Office Store(public marketplace that you can access directly from a SharePoint site) and it will work with both the new SharePoint Online in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 on-premises. Look for more news regarding product integration later in FY14.

What should you use for social networking, Yammer or SharePoint 2013?

Go with Yammer. Yammer will power the social experiences in SharePoint, Office365, Dynamics and Skype. Yammer’s unique adoption model appeals directly to end users and makes it easy for organizations to become social ‘instantly’ – removing one of the biggest barriers to success with Enterprise Social. We’re committed to bringing the two together to deliver ‘Connected Experiences’ that combine social, collaboration email and Unified Communications with an enterprise-class social platform for security, management and compliance.

What is the our guidance for Office 365 customers?

Go with Yammer!! Yammer will power the social experiences in SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics and Skype. We’ll be iteratively creating more and more connections between Yammer and Office 365, providing Office 365 customers the ability to choose Yammer as their social experience. As a first step we provided (1) the ability to make Yammer your default social network (2) a Yammer app for SharePoint to easily embed Yammer groups into SharePoint sites. We’re iteratively deepening these connections and by the fall we’ll be bringing the user experiences closer together and provide a seamless navigation between Yammer and Office 365, a rich document collaboration experience and a single sign-on experience. We’ll continue to add more and more connections to deliver ‘Connected Experiences’ that combine social, collaboration email and Unified Communications with an enterprise-class social platform for security, management and compliance.

Comments (12)

  1. DKDean says:

    Yes, agreed. I’m told it will be very soon – and summer technically doesn’t being until June 21, right? 🙂

  2. JaredCEG says:

    Sweet, great to hear! I had assumed that we already had Yammer Enterprise in our Edu tenants and went to activate it and it wasn’t there. Great to know it will be enabled shortly!

  3. mike says:

    It is April 1st and I do not see any sign of Yammer in the education environment for Office 365. Any thoughts???

  4. Rahim1 says:

    Seems I cannot use the links in the document I get a message that states "Cannot join network."



    Please advise, we would like to upgrade soonest.

  5. mike says:

    Can anyone from Microsoft let us all know when Yammer will actually be available for Office 365 in the education world. I still do not see the activation link in the admin portal that this post by @DKDean refers to.

  6. Samuel says:

    A2 Plan. No link so far. Thank you MSFT for offering Yammer Enterprise for educations.

  7. edward says:

    Not available for education as of 1 April 2014.

    Yammer Enterprise is not included with Office 365 Government G1, Office 365 Government G3, Office 365 Government G4, Office 365 Education A2, Office 365 Education A3, or Office 365 Education A4.

    Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office-365-plan-options.aspx

  8. Jo says:

    Typical, Government and Education are the step child with no clear roadmap on when or how…

  9. carl says:

    Any sign of Yammer for Education? It’s almost July. Very frustrating.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pingback from Dear Link2ICT, we need to talk……..(NM meeting) – Page 12

  11. james says:

    When I range Office 365 support they put me through to Yammer support in the US and they said it wouldn’t be available until fall (autumn)

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