Get Organized for 2012

Do you struggle with an overflowing inbox? 

Do you use your inbox as a task list, responding to emails as they come in instead of your real priorities for the day?

I encourage you to adopt a new approach this year and gain control.  Learn how to master large volumes of email and time management.  Microsoft provides a free training series on Outlook Best Practices – How Harry got organized.  It’s a series of short videos that take 30-40 minutes overall.  You’ll find it here

A more detailed offering (and a real favorite of mine) is the Take Back Your Life system to productivity and work/life balance, taught by McGhee Productivity Solutions.

It certainly takes effort but you’ll be much happier and more in control if you adopt either of these approaches.  I’m happy to share more about this topic – let me know.


Happy New Year!


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