Back to School–two wonderful programs for educators

As we approach the start of school, I’d like to share two amazing programs for teachers to engage and interact with their students. These programs are wonderful and they both are free!

Mouse Mischief allows all the students in class to interact with a lesson plan using only a mouse.  They can click, circle, or draw answers on the screen – simultaneously! 

Mouse Mischief integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, letting you insert questions, polls, and drawing activity slides into your lessons.  Check out the video and resources on the Mouse Mischief home page.


The Interactive Classroom is more suited to an environment where students have their own laptop.  This program helps interaction and collaboration between educators and students by enabling the creation of classroom polls using PowerPoint, and sharing content with students using OneNote.

Educators can insert a multiple choice, yes/no, or true/false polling questions to lessons using PowerPoint. Students who have laptops running Microsoft Windows and OneNote receive the polling questions and teacher annotations in real-time within their OneNote Notebook. In addition, students can add their own notes to the slides using the features provided in OneNote. They can also respond in real-time to the questions during the lesson.

Check out the resources and information on the sites above.  Let me know how you are using Mouse Mischief and the Interactive Classroom!

Comments (2)

  1. Tammy says:

    Sounds like a good program. I like the "Go Paperless" to it!!

  2. Syliva says:

    Ditto Tammy! Go Paperless All The Way!!

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