Search in Windows 7

As there is a flood of interest in Windows 7 I thought I would share this helpful learning snack on Search.  Windows 7 provides the concept of Libraries, an improved Search functionality and Federated Search.

In just 15 minutes you can:

  • Learn how to use Libraries in Windows 7
  • Learn how Search was improved
  • Understand Federated Search
  • Learn about Search Scopes

With Federated Search, users can search corporate Intranet sites and their desktops from one familiar interface:  Windows Explorer.  This is out-of-the-box functionality to search beyond the user's computer.  Developers and IT professionals can enable search engines, document repositories, web applications and proprietary data stores to be searched from Windows Explorer without writing and deploying client-side code.

Enterprise Search Scopes allow IT administrators to populate links on the Start menu and in Windows Explorer.  These links simplify access to the most appropriate, complete and authoritative data sources on the network.  As a result, content is more discoverable.

A “Learning Snack” is an interactive presentation delivered via Microsoft Silverlight.  Watch this snack:

Accessing Information in Windows 7  (15 minutes)


For additional Windows 7 snacks, please visit:

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