How to make better software for users? Here’s to so-called "soft" skills and fewer jerks.

I had a discussion with someone today who said something like “It’s amazing how much of the process of software development isn’t about software, it’s just about communication and cross-group collaboration”. My response was that “Actually that’s not amazing to me – what’s amazing to me is how many people don’t realize that’s what it comes…


Vacation pictures

I just can’t resist sharing some of my favorite photos from our trip to Hawaii. There was amazing snorkeling right outside the condo we were renting, with tons of turtles, fish, and even a couple of eels:       David and I had a lot of fun snorkeling and "diving": This one was from…


Helping Indiana Jones & June from Little Einsteins get off to school

Today was a dress-up day at school and my son who is currently[1] a raving Indiana[2] Jones fan, decided to go as his idol. The resemblance is uncanny, see for yourself:   My daughter went as June from the Little Einsteins: Indy of course had his trusty satchel[3][5], but I don’t remember if June has…


Enjoying microspotting

I’ve been reading ever since my coworker Alex (aka carpenter-turned-test-manager) was profiled a while back. Great writing, beautiful photography, fun quirky looks at a bunch of Microsoft employees. Alex’s profile is a great reminder of how many different backgrounds people have – he’s not the only former carpenter in the team, for one. Another…


OK, Sean. I accept your challenge.

Since you asked… 130 words (currently position 1209 of 423595) When I was in college, I once broke some piece of my machine, this sweet Gateway P-100 (I chose to wait a few extra weeks until the P-100 came out, I didn’t want to get that slow-arse P-90). I was on the phone with a…


Joel Spolsky’s latest article

Is a nice read, covering a lot of interesting topics, some of the more meaningful points as I see them: The most valuable course he ever took was the one he dropped after one lecture. It was valuable because it convinced him he shouldn’t go to grad school for CS. I had a similar experience…


Happy holidays

For my family, that means: (it’s a silverlight app that lights one candle per night) Thanks, Synergist!


How ego surfing changes over time

It started out simple, really – just on dejanews, as a way of finding out what conversations I’ve been missing that I really should participate in. Then later as more websites sprung up, it started to become a passing fancy – who’s referenced my name? Who basks in my awesomeness? Eventually the obsession began, the technologies…


The 20/20 program

As I mentioned, I just started the 20/20 program at the proclub. As part of getting ready for starting the program, I went through an exam which told me such lovely statistics as my weight (eh), body fat percentage (whooo boy), flexibility (poor), strength (ditto), and all around physical health (not great). According to their…