Lost the addressbar from the taskbar with XP SP3?

A while ago, I did my civic duty and upgraded my XP box at home to SP3… and then immediately noticed that my beloved addressbar on the taskbar, by far one of my most favorite features of the OS for many years running, was missing. The bar itself wasn’t there anymore, nor was the option…


How to get rid of that *@#$@#$ annoying language bar in XP

It is a testament to the intransigence of the human spirit that for the last 6 years of my life I have right clicked on that little icon on my taskbar and chosen to remove the “Language Bar” from the taskbar, only to have it pop back up at some later point for some unknown…


Least obvious yet terribly useful Outlook/OWA calendaring feature…

While reviewing some custom OWA themes we’re developing, one of the designers pointed out this odd orange mark halfway through one of the numbers on the calendar view, wondering if it was a bug in the CSS in the custom theme:  Actually, it’s one of these tiny little details that I think is so slick -…


Great post on developing software

On the windows mobile team’s blog. I hope that whoever is quoted in this eweek article saying that public folder access to OWA “must be like just 20 lines of code” reads it.


Have your server delete your email for you… and LIKE it!

Exchange 2007 has a feature called messaging records management that helps organizations apply special retention policies to folders in users’ mailboxes. For example, you might have a folder for legal contracts with a policy on it that says the messages need to be retained for 8 years. MRM takes care of all that. It also…


Words to live by: "Start with the little dragons"

As I stepped off the elevator this morning, a coworker shared those words with me. “When you’re slaying dragons, start with the little ones.” He tells his kids every morning that he’s off to slay some dragons. He likes to start with the little ones, because they don’t put up near the same fight as…


A free CHM compiler

I was pointed at this by the MSHelp MVP Lead, it’s a sweet little freeware app, works great. Within about 90 seconds of starting it, I had compiled my first CHM: http://www.vizacc.com/ And they also have a blog, pretty nifty.


Convert DVD .VRO files to AVI

The picture in the last post is a still from our ultrasound at 20 weeks. We also got a video (on this kind of oblong thing, they called it “VHS” but it wouldn’t fit into our DVD player), which a coworker graciously converted into a DVD for me. The DVD has a .VRO file on…


Search my archives

I set up a search box on the left, following David’s instructions. I tried to use MSN, but MSN apparently doesn’t support the ‘inurl’ keyword which I wanted to use in order to restrict the search results to my blog instead of including my comments on other people’s blogs. If anyone knows how to force…