Aww yeah, baby.


Hooray for clipart

Gee. That image just immediately brings home to me that here I am at the front door of the company store, where I can buy Microsoft products at discount prices. 🙂 Look at them kaaaraaaazy, wacky kids, talking about Microsoft software!


Human nature and email attachment security

Dare’s post about human nature touches on UAC in Vista: How do you design a dialog prompt to warn users about the potential risk of an action they are about to take if they are so intent on clicking OK and getting the job done that they forget that there was even a warning dialog…


Exchange team, innovating in content delivery yet again

It wasn’t enough to be the first product team at microsoft to start a team blog, oh no no… We didn’t stop there. We recently branched out into song. 🙂   [Update 8/11: Todd Bishop blogged about this on his Seattle PI Microsoft blog too. Way to go, David!]


Enjoying microspotting

I’ve been reading ever since my coworker Alex (aka carpenter-turned-test-manager) was profiled a while back. Great writing, beautiful photography, fun quirky looks at a bunch of Microsoft employees. Alex’s profile is a great reminder of how many different backgrounds people have – he’s not the only former carpenter in the team, for one. Another…


You’ve come a long way, baby

Outlook 2000:   Outlook 2007:   Breath with me now: Ahhhhh…   I was an Outlook tester during the 2000 release; when the icon was first released internally, we were harshly critical of it in a very public way – it sucks to be the product that gets ‘yellow’ as your family color because it…