Pre-fill in “To” field on a new message in OWA 2003

In OWA 2003, you can now create a message and fill in an address on the To field with a single URL: http://server/exchange/user/drafts/?cmd=new& To fill in multiple addresses: http://server/exchange/user/drafts/?cmd=new&; OWA will then open up a compose note with the addresses already resolved for you.


Items deleted via IMAP are available in the dumpster

A discussion I had with some coworkers over lunch reminded me of another “dumpster trick” for Exchange: items deleted via IMAP can be recovered via the dumpster. I previously described the per-folder dumpster concept in September 26th’s blog entry. IMAP has a different deletion model than Outlook or most other POP clients. If you’re familiar…


Keyboard shortcuts in OWA 2003

In OWA and Outlook, we’re always interested in how people manage their inboxes – how do users handle email overload? A few main strategies came out of our usability studies – that users tended to be “Pilers or Filers”. Pilers tend to let all their mail sit in their inbox, and they operate on it…


Easy to remember URLs for Exchange 2003 resources

When you install Exchange 2003, two shortcuts will be added to Exchange’s Program Files folder – one to the Exchange Technical Library, and the other to the Exchange Tools & Updates page. This is one of the steps that the Exchange team has taken towards ensuring that the content and bits that you use are…

Multi-select days in the calendar in OWA 2000

Starting with Exchange 2000 SP2, you can multi-select days in the calendar to get a side-by-side view of those days: 1. Select the calendar folder in OWA 2. Hold down the CTRL button 3. Click on up to 7 days (they do not need to be contiguous)

Exchange/OWA tip o’ the day

Exchange has a feature called ‘deleted item recovery’, usually referred to as the dumpster. When it is enabled, when you empty your deleted items folder, items are placed in the dumpster for a server-configured number of days. The client can choose to retrieve the items from the dumpster until that number of days is up….