Sort data in Excel in "High, Medium, Low" order

Occasionally I have data that looks like this, sorted on the “Value” column: It’s always annoyed me that Excel couldn’t read my mind and figure out that I wanted to sort them in “High, Medium, Low” order. Recently I found out that it is possible to do this by creating a “Custom List” in excel:…


Cheat Sheets

While ego surfing I just ran across this handy list of cheat sheets that I wanted to share. Covers topics from HTML to networking to office apps to keyboard shortcuts to SCSI to math. Handy.


A release manager’s bag of tricks

So, like I mentioned a while back, I’m now a professional bean counter[1]. And as a release manager, I need to find scalable ways of keeping track of the work that several hundred program managers, developers, testers and writers on the Exchange team are doing. The trick is that I can’t afford to get too…


How to stop IE from opening up Office docs inline

By default, when you click on a link to an Office doc (such as on a sharepoint site), IE will open the doc in-frame. For just viewing docs this is usually OK, but it can get annoying as not all features work in this manner. So if you’d rather have IE just open the doc…


Change the default fonts in Outlook, Word, Excel and IE

We recently had a debate on the internal bloggers distribution list about how MSDN bloggers need to play nice and not hard-code their font faces, colors and sizes. I admit that I’d been guilty of this myself, so I’ve since resolved to stop doing that, and I figured it was worth a blog post to…


Turn off “auto-hide menus” in Office

This is one of those features that a lot of people love to hate, where you have to wait a few seconds or go to the little chevron on the bottom of the menu to expand it: It doesn’t bug me too much – except when it hides the MRU (most recently used) list in…


Explore the different formats in which you can save data from Office applications

A few months ago I posted about [what I think is] a neat way of using Outlook’s ability to save as HTML. Today when compiling a powerpoint presentation, it occurred to me that there are a lot of formats that Office applications can save into that I find useful, and it’s worth highlighting a few…


Keyboard shortcuts to go to the Font & Font Size drop-downs in some Office applications

In certain Office apps that support it, such as Word & Outlook, I have “Show shortcut keys in screentips” enabled (right click on a toolbar, choose customize, and it’s on the Options tab in certain of the apps). Normally, this displays the keyboard shortcut combinations (like Ctrl+Shift+B to bring up the address book in Outlook) when…


How to filter out rows with duplicate content in Excel

If you have data in Excel and you want to hide rows with duplicate entries, it’s super easy: 1. Select the data you want to filter2. Data | Filter | Advanced Filter3. Click “Unique Records Only“ Excel will then hide rows that are duplicates of each other. I use this when putting together stats for…