New OWA themes in SP1: Zune & Xbox!

As I mentioned a couple months ago, we have been working on two new OWA themes. I was secretive then because I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to ship them in SP1 or not, but thanks to the hard work of several designers and developers we got them in. And with the release of Exchange…


Quickly view the internet headers of a message in Outlook

Just about anyone who runs mail servers needs to look at headers from time to time. This is especially true during the development of product such as Exchange, as we track down and fix bugs. I wrote this little macro to make that a little easier. Select a message, click the button to run the…


Show the count of all items in a folder in Outlook, not just unread

For certain types of folders, you may find it useful to have the folder list display the total number of items in the folder, not just the unread items (which it does by default). For example, I set this on some folders that contain messages to certain distribution lists, where there will always be threads…


Cheat Sheets

While ego surfing I just ran across this handy list of cheat sheets that I wanted to share. Covers topics from HTML to networking to office apps to keyboard shortcuts to SCSI to math. Handy.


Configure Sharepoint 2003 to store versions of your documents

My relationship with Sharepoint is a love/hate story. I’ve been using it since its original incarnation as the “departmental server” many years ago (trivia: and it was built on the Exchange store), but not heavily until the last year or two with SPS 2003. The first six months I [was forced to] use it, I…


Attachment Security, Part Deux

Here’s Part One. OK this isn’t really a continuation of the history, but rather some more rambling on some of what I discussed in part one. I just wanted an excuse to say “Part Deux”.   After the news reports about the first big email-borne viruses like Melissa started showing up, stories would pop up…


A poor man’s mail merge

Several times in the last few months I’ve needed to send the exact same mail content to a list of people, but each mail had to be separately addressed, for the following reasons: I am expecting each recipient to reply and continue the thread with me. This way there’s no risk of “Reply All” going…


"You forgot to attach the file!"

Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted… and to think for the first 9 months of this blog, I think I posted every single day. I guess I just don’t have that much content and I wore it out early… but in reality I think it’s more due to my new working arrangement and…


I am now a TypePad evangelist

Executive Summary: I highly recommend TypePad for anyone willing to pay a few bucks for a third party to host a blog for them. A great combination of features and usability. I have got to hand it to the folks at SixApart, they have done a great job, TypePad is a great piece of software that…


Use the unicode smiley emoticon in email

When you type “:-)” in Word, it automatically corrects it into a smiley (J)[1], which is the letter J in the Wingdings font. If you look at the HTML, you’ll see: <span style=’font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Wingdings;color:maroon’>J</span> If you would rather that it use the unicode smiley emoticon instead, do this in Word: 1. Insert | Symbol2. Type in…