Ideas for new Outlook macros?

An email with a coworker who was recently acquired and is getting accustomed to Outlook after years with PINE reminded me that it’s been a while since I wrote any Outlook macros. Plus, I just need an excuse to write some code, I haven’t written any in several months and that part of my brain is congealing…



OK I realize how much it sucks to average one post a month for six months and then do several in one day, but I’ve got a bunch of things on my mind today and I wanted to blog them. Shoot me. I’m going to start writing a column for TechNet Magazine.[1] The first month I’m…


Silence equals adoration?

Evan blogged today asking for feedback on the posts about systems management that have gone up on EHLO recently. Anecdotally, it looks like the “# of comments per post” has gone down over time on EHLO and we’re trying to figure out if this is a leading indicator of a problem we should be worried about….



We threw up a wiki for beta 2 to experiment with the format (hooray for slaveintern labor!): (it’s named after the e12 icon, which we call “the ninja star”) Or if you insist on being boring, If it ends up being a useful resource for the community, we’ll see if we can keep it…


I wish we were this cool

Vista is doing some really sweet stuff, visually… there’s which is just stunning, and now this ad on the front of which just kicks ass: How cool is that? The answer: very. I wrote an article for TechNet a few years ago called “Top Ten Tasks for New Exchange Administrators”. I originally had…


Surprise your users with an April Fool’s Day OWA 2003 theme

Customizing OWA themes is quite simple to do. Here’s an example of a theme I just put together, I call it “MOOWA”: The fun part about this theme isn’t so much the graphics as the sounds: included are a “mooooooooo” for the new mail sound as well as a cowbell[1] for the reminder sound. For…


Where are all the women bloggers at?

(Just kiddin’ 🙂 I just bought a ticket to BlogHer ’06. Are any other softie bloggers or readers of softie blogs going? Leave a comment or trackback here if you want to get in touch. I’m also thinking about proposing a “Room of Her Own” topic – women tech bloggers? Creating & running a blog like…


A free CHM compiler

I was pointed at this by the MSHelp MVP Lead, it’s a sweet little freeware app, works great. Within about 90 seconds of starting it, I had compiled my first CHM: And they also have a blog, pretty nifty.


The Three Dastardly D’s: Derailing a Discussion on a Distribution list

Over the last three or four years I’ve seen an increasing trend here at MS: complaints about off-topic discussions on DLs. A thread will start out on a DL and (since we’re all human), at some point (if the thread is interesting and complex enough), someone will reply with a thought that veers off in…


Those microsoft bloggers talk about the future too much!

I’m so tired of hearing that “microsoft bloggers talk about the future too much.” There’s a whole bunch of people blogging about current technologies right now – so let’s stop disrespecting them by pretending that they are a meaningless minority, and instead figure out ways to promote them. Obviously that work is already in progress…