Exchange/OWA tip o’ the day

Exchange has a feature called ‘deleted item recovery’, usually referred to as the dumpster. When it is enabled, when you empty your deleted items folder, items are placed in the dumpster for a server-configured number of days. The client can choose to retrieve the items from the dumpster until that number of days is up….


Outlook 2003 tip o’ the day

The ability to customize toolbars has been around for several versions now, but it doesn’t seem to be very widely used in my unofficial survey. I make heavy use of customized toolbars in Outlook, specifically for adding my own keyboard shortcuts – I generally avoid using the mouse if possible, I’m a big keyboard junkie….


There’s a new blog in town

My name is KC Lemson, I’m a program manager in the Exchange server team at Microsoft. I’ve been working with e-mail in one form or another for the last 5 years as a PM and tester at Microsoft. Previous to that, I was a linux/bsd systems administrator in college. I intend to use this blog to…